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The Mission

BeyondTheNorm Music, L.L.C. was established with the intent of expanding and 

increasing the current  capacity of musicians, providing creative direction and support, as well as connecting various artists, musicians, and creatives with music professionals. Dedicated to professionalism, BeyondTheNorm Music 

delivers expertise in the areas of instruction, training, consultation, and management in every arena.

Our Founder

Dr. Lessilee Jones, 


Dr. Lessilee Jones is an experienced and well-rounded vocalist and organizational leader. 

Since the age of four, Lessilee has worked with many of the greats in the world of music. As a teen, she caught the attention of some the music industry’s finest, including Sony Music and other industry persons. At the age of seventeen, Lessilee began to realize there was a greater call for her life as she came into a a more deeply committed relationship with Christ and began functioning in music ministry. It was in her college years that she began to learn more of her life's mission and assignment. She began to acquire additional academic and professional experience to further support it. 

Following her collegiate matriculation as a Popular Music major with a minor in Church Music, Jones began to engage further in graduate studies in Education as she became a music teacher. Her concentrations continued in the areas of instruction, leadership, administration, and professional studies. Lessilee holds a Masters degree in Teaching and Learning. She also holds an earned Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership  with an additional concentration in Educational Leadership. With all that she has done, it is her sincere desire to help others embrace their purpose and to find their personal creative pulse via music.

Dr. Lessilee Jones is committed to serving the needs of music professionals and students alike, from all walks of life. Also providing professional music services for projects, functions, and venues. Through BeyondTheNorm Music L.L.C., she is committed to functioning in excellence, with integrity, and with expertise.

Full Biographical Sketch of Dr. Lessilee Jones

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